2017 New & Upgraded Products!

Paddle Scabbards openingFor the 2017 season, we have refined and upgraded a number of our products. Click "Read more" to check out all the details. Whether you're looking for canoe, kayak or SUP gear, we have you covered!

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Together to the Tundra 2015 - Dan Clark

Together to the Tundra (1)
Photo Credit: Dan Clark
"Water pours through the crumpled canoe. Our well travelled canoe rests uncomfortably on the bottom of the creek deformed beyond belief. About the only thing holding it together is the spray deck. Moments before in a narrow swift that I could have waded, I lost control of the bow of the boat. It swung instantly into the current and caught on the far side. The force of the water folded it. Everything went in the water: all of our gear, weeks of food AND the kids."

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