North Water "Learn to Paddle Program"

We love to paddle

We’ve paddled rafts, kayaks and canoes in white water and flat water, sweet water & salt water. We love to share the experience, but we also understand the importance of practice and being coached by qualified paddlers.

Real Quality & Real Value

By taking instruction with one of our Learn to Paddle Partners you will be using North Water’s cutting edge designs that have been the choice of many of the top instructors, coaches & guides around the world. One of our goals is to help you be Safe, Comfortable & Organized and to ensure you maximize the value and quality of your instruction and our gear. We’ve partnered with some of the best shops that teach from a curriculum developed by the best instructional organizations to provide hands-on learning to help ensure your learning curve is as efficient, useful, interesting and fun as possible. These shops not only provide top-notch instruction, but they will show how equipment is used, what products are best suited for your individual paddling, some do’s and don’ts, and other important guidelines on how to choose equipment and how to safely use it.

This program is geared towards:

New Paddlers

If you have never been in a boat it is important to get professional instruction. Paddling can be a life long pursuit with many facets to explore. One important step in developing your skills is to start with sound fundamentals. This includes the right boat, paddle, paddling technique and equipment for personal and group protection, as well as the myriad of options for outfitting your boat to help keep you Safe, Comfortable & Organized. Each participating dealer may offer slightly different programs so take the time to explore the links below to see what best suits your needs.

If You Are Improving Your Skills

Congratulations on taking another step toward further improving your paddling skills. There have been a lot of exciting developments in paddling in the last 15 years and paddling options are much more diverse today than ever before, whether flat or moving water, fishing, birding, hunting, touring, dragon boating or just plain drifting with a warm breeze. If you’ve been on the side lines for a while, you may want to explore the latest canoe designs, what type of whitewater kayak will front or back flip and which sea/tour kayak is fast, stable or best for multi-day trips.

Our Partners offer instructional programs developed and or adapted from the ACA, BCU, BCUNA, or Paddle Canada. We encourage you to explore the instructional programs offered by your local shop to see what best suits your needs for the type of paddling you wish to do.

Explore the links below to see what each offers and then contact one of our Learn to Paddle Partners:

American Canoe Association

British Canoe Union

British Canoe Union North America

Paddle Canada