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Welcome to North Water Paddle Sports where we build products to promote your safety, comfort and organization on and around the water.
We make hundreds of products for recreational, competitive, and professional activities. These are some of our best sellers for recreational paddlers.
They share the same innovative North Water DNA which makes them unique and a pleasure to have.


Sea Tec Paddle Float

Looking for a paddle float that looks like it was made for your kayak? The SEA TEC Paddle Float comes as close as any you'll find. This paddle float is already curved so more easily conforms to your deck resulting in a lower profile.
And, you can secure your paddle at either end with less hassle.
And, the paddle pocket openings are conveniently edged with High Vis reflective tape.
And, we put anchoring straps on either end to allow you to easily secure it to your kayak.
Click here to see the Sea Tec Paddle Float in action.

And just when you thought that paddle float innovation had peaked, we thought of a few more useful ideas. Have a look at the Four Play below.

SeaTec PaddleFloat


We could have called it the Six or Seven Play but it was not as much fun. As elegant in its simplicity as its sophisticated in its design, the Four Play can be used as:

• a double-ended paddle float,
• a beaching pad,
• a vehicle protection pad.
It also works great as a kneeling pad when cooking and performing religious rituals,
• a chair when all the work is done and...
• your sleeping pad when your day is done.

In a word, indispensable.
Click here to see the fourPlay in action.


Micro Throw Line

50' compact reliability with a compact price to match.
Easy to throw and easy to stow. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs a mere 260 grams, or a svelte 9.2 ounces if you'd prefer.
It has a built in waterproof whistle, tie-down strap, reflective tape for high visibility and nylon mesh for quick drain and drying.

And it meets Coast Guard regulations for a Buoyant Heaving Line making it a perfect choice for canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddle board rental fleets.
To learn more about the Micro Throw Line, click here.

But wait... there's more.
Meet the...



We combined four essential safety items into one amazing product. Just like its cousin the Micro Throw Line, our Four Bailer will keep you:

Safer with 50' of 1/4" High Quality Floating Line
In touch with a Waterproof Whistle
Visible with High Visibility Reflective Tape
• With the added feature of a built-in 1 L bailing bucket to keep you drier.

To learn more about this innovative product, click here.


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