Canoe Thwart Bag

Canoe Thwart Bag

This versatile bag is perfect for those items that you want to keep close at hand and not rolling around in the bottom of the boat. With multiple mounting options and a fanny pack strap, you can always have this bag right where you want it.

  • Can be mounted to a thwart, under seat or inside of the gunnels using the included lightweight D-Rings
  • Use Vinyl-Tec 2000 PVC Adhesive to permanently secure these anchors to Composite Thermoformed or Royalex Canoes.
  • Easy access with dual zipper sliders and plastic insert
  • Can be easily revomed and brought along as a fanny pack

"Canoe Thwart Bag w/ Adhesive" includes a 100 mL can of Vinyl-Tec 2000 PVC Adhesive, check it out here



  • Polyethylene Liner
  • Comes with 2 Lightweight 1" D-Rings (40CO-25f)

Canoe Thwart Bag 40CO-15

 Dimensions (in.)
 Weight (g)
 7"L x 13"W x 6"H


Canoe Thwart Bag Instructions.pdf


Tremendous convenience and versatility. Great for those items you want close at hand. This bag attaches to any thwart, to the underside of your seat or the inside of the gunnel. It can also be used as a fanny pack for on-shore excursions. Comes complete with a waist strap and two light weight anchors.

Size: 7” deep X 6” high X 13” wide

SKU 40CO-15

Canoe Thwart Bag

The light weight anchors are used to attach the Thwart Bag to the inside of the gunnels as shown in the last diagram. They can also be used to stabilize the Thwart Bag to the bottom of the boat when attached to the thwarts or under the seat. This allows you to open and close the zipper using one hand.

Care Instructions

Clean salt, sand and grit after use with fresh water
Do not store the product in damp conditions.
Inspect the product for damage both before and after use.
Do not abuse or apply undue stress to the product.
Do not expose the product to long hours of direct sunlight.
Identify your name on the product in case of loss.


This product has been designed to enhance your paddling experience, but remember that, as with any other piece of equipment used in a water environment, it has its limitations, restrictions and potential dangers. It has been designed for use in water conditions that require experience and skill. We strongly urge against using this product if you do not possess the skills necessary to recognize the dangers of such conditions. Upon purchasing North Water equipment the purchaser/user assumes all risks of injury or damage to himself, herself, or others as well as loss or damage to any property. In purchasing/using these products (s)he agrees to hold harmless North Water Holdings Ltd., their officers, employees, agents, and representatives from any liability for injury or damage of any kind that may be suffered by the purchaser or others through the use of these products whether caused through negligence or otherwise.

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