EDS Belt

EDS Belt
EDS Belt EDS Belt EDS Belt EDS Belt EDS Belt EDS Belt EDS Belt

Designed by river rescue professionals for river rescue professionals.

Emergency Deployment System (EDS). By using a modular approach, firefighters, search and rescue and other swiftwater response teams can customize the EDS belt to meet specific requirements while addressing a much broader range of rescue needs.

  • Built-in Flotation
  • Quick Release Cam Buckle
  • 2 x Secondary Quick Release Buckles
  • Rear 2" S.S. D-Ring

This configuration allows you to mount equipment suitable for the unique rescue environment at hand. It can be rigged in the traditional configuration with a gear pouch on one side and throw bag on the other.

Both the EDS Gear Pouch and throw bags are interchangeable and available separately.


Buy the EDS belt with a Gear Pouch and Wedge Throw Line and save 12-15%.



EDS Belt 05RB-45c

  • 2" seat belt nylon
  • 2" S.S. tension slider
  • 2" S.S. d-ring anchor
  • 2 x 1 ½" throw bag release belts
  • ½" padding


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