Canoe Saddle

Canoe Saddle
Canoe Saddle Canoe Saddle Canoe Saddle

Weight placement is critical in all canoes and particularly in today's shorter whitewater solo canoes. An inch too far forward or back throws the whole boat’s performance off. The size of this saddle allows you to lean farther forward for micro-surfing, enabling more reach and weight into your strokes. When set up with adjustable anchors and toe blocks, a perfect fit is assured.

"Canoe Saddle w/ Adhesive" includes a 100 mL can of Vinyl-Tec 2000 PVC Adhesive, check it out here



  • High Density mini-cell foam construction
  • Allows for custom shaping after installation

Canoe Saddle 40CO-75

 Base Dimensions
 Weight (g)
 18L" x 8"W
 8.5" (F) & 15.5" (B)