The Rapid Survival System has arrived.

Full RSS Package

The Rapid Survival System is the most important advancement for Professional Rescue in many years.

Developed with a group of SAR professionals, the RSS is designed to provide rapid and significant additional floatation and assistance for rescuers in potentially threatening situations.

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17,000 Kms in 11 Years - Invest in a Better Paddling Future

Aged Sea Tec Tow Line
Photo Credit: Justine Curgenven

As the expression goes, "nothing last forever." So when your favourite paddling accessory reaches its twilight years, did it give you enough love and performance over its lifetime to be worth it? The feedback that we get here at North Water on this question is a consistent and fervent "YES!"  

What do you think of 17,00 kms in 11 years as an RIO?  

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