Line Across Bag

Line Across Bag

Line Across Bag 10TB-55

Due to the overwhelming response to our “Line Across Rope Bag” we have worked with professionals in the field to take the features that stand out and expand them into a line of system rope bags designed to exceed the needs of the vertical rescue professional. We have adapted system rope bags to accommodate the specific equipment required by all three standards of rope rescue: NFPA, PEP and Swiftwater.

Keeping the features that have become the standard for our rope bags such as compact design, hide-away backpack system and daisy chain, we have redesigned the pocket to accommodate enough hardware to rig a load or belay line. This allows a bag to be used as a “system bag”.

For this reason a clear identifier pouch has been added that will also carry a rope log and date of service card. Two carrying handles are well spaced for lifting, hanging and transporting. A grommet on the bottom give you access to a short length when needed without emptying the whole bag or for dead ending the rope.

Key Benefits and features

Our SRT System Bag is designed for the swiftwater technician or commercial paddler. The bag is built for accessing wrapped boats and building tension diagonals. It is small enough to carry on board or for swimming with it on your back, and it is big enough to hold the gear required to build a basic system for improvised rescue or equipment extraction.


  • Size: 6” Diameter X 20” high
  • Holds up to 250’ (76m) of ¼" (6mm) Spectrx and hardware or 200’ (61m) of ⅜" (8mm) Spectrx and hardware.

$200.95 CAD