Have you ever heard of Freya Hoffmeister? How about the "Woman in Black"?  Freya has the record for circumnavigating Australia and North Water is proud to be one of her sponsors.  Her life and athleticism is beyond inspirational. Freya went point to point across the Gulf of Carpentaria over several days, sleeping for a few hours at a time adrift in her kayak.
And now she’s just completed the 1st of 3 stages of her circumnavigation of South America - during which she again used gear from North Water.  As a woman of great fortitude, she spends most of her time paddling solo. Wow! What a woman! What a life!!! The folks here at North Water wish Freya all the best on her continued adventures. To find out more about "The Woman in Black", you can find Freya Hoffmeister at the following links: http://qajaqunderground.com/my-sponsors/north-water/ http://freyahoffmeister.com/2012/05/05/thank-you-muchas-gracias/ http://freyahoffmeister.com/freyas-blog/