Size:  5.5’ Di. X 1.25”
Just in from North Water headquarters this week is the launch of our brand NEW Micro Throw Line... North Water Micro Throw Line: 50’ of Compact Reliability with a price to match! Easy to throw and easy to stow, this 50’ x 1/4” polypro throw line fits in the palm of your hand and weighs a mere 333 grams.  It has a built-in waterproof whistle, tie-down strap, reflective tape for high visibility and a nylon mesh panel allowing it to drain and dry quickly.  It meets Coast Guard regulation as your Buoyant Heaving Line making it perfect for canoes and kayaks and rental fleets.  The MSRP is only $24.95. And it's made in Canada too!
SKU: 10TB-99
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