With the many requests to offer more products for the novice and budget minded paddler, our team went to work designing some great new products for 2012, all the while, never forgetting the traditional commitments of the North Water brand; innovation, high quality, function and value.
StepUp Stirrup 
StepUp Stirrup: $12.95 (taxes/shipping extra) SKU  30SK-96
Creates a Perfect Step to Get You Out of the Water and Back Into Your Boat.
For Paddlers: This highly visible nylon webbing is fully adjustable. Anchor it around the paddle shaft, coaming, deck line or thwart at just the right length. It gives a kayaker or canoeist a step up into the safety of  the boat.
StepUp Stirrup: $12.95 MSRP (taxes/shipping extra)  SKU  30SK-96
For Dealers: Ideal for rental fleets and budget minded paddlers.
Note from the president of North Water Paddle Sports Equipment:
Over a relatively short period of time we have seen the manufacturing base in North America all but disappear. We believe that value cannot be measured by price alone and are proud of the fact that we are part of the solution. Through creative thinking and innovation we will continue to produce great products and jobs right here at home.  Lindsay Merchant  See more NORTH WATER products NEW for 2012: Micro-Throw Line Paddle Tether The 4-Bailer
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