SOLD OUT at Canoecopia 2012 - by Morgan G.
Canoecopia is like no other I’ve been to.  Before the doors open 100’s of people are lined up inside and down the street.  The two things in my mind; 1 wow, this is going to be fantastic, 2 aren’t these people supposed to be at work? 
Photo credit: Preston Ciere of the famous
It is my 6th or 7th time attending this show and year after year I see many of the same loyal customers.  One man told me he has been here year after year since the beginning - that’s 30.  Multiple generations of paddlers bridging the gap between the chill of winter and promises of spring adventure.  Some have come from as far away as Southern Illinois and Kansas looking for great deals and enjoy a list of speakers that offers something to paddlers and non paddlers of all ages.  Within the first hour the booth was swarming with happy people checking items off their wish list.
Sales in the North Water booth were brisk and at times 10-12 people kept the 2 of us on our toes for hours.  Our top sellers this year? Having just introduced our 4-Bailer to the world we were very pleased to have sold out of it before mid-day on Sunday. We sold out of or just about sold out of the rest of our tow systems and were left with only a few FourPlay MultiUse Paddle Floats from a giant pile of them we started out with.
Our new and innovative 4-Bailer sold out before the end of the show.
North Water would thank all of the great presenters and professional paddlers like; Wayne Horodowich; Leon and Shawna of Body Boat Blade International; Kevin Callan, The Happy Camper; as well as Dave and Amy Freeman of the North American Odyssey; and Wilderness Classroom projects; for their energies and taking the time in their seminars to share their knowledge of and experience with North Water products on the water – where it matters. 
On behalf of North Water, I would like to pass on a heartfelt and hearty thank you to Will Davis.  Without his help and knowledge of the North Water product line in the booth, we’d have not been as successful as we were.  I’d have survived, but barely.  Most importantly, I’d like to thank the great people who year after year put on the best event we attend: Darren, Jeff, Scott, Sasha and all the Rutabaga staff.
This Canoecopia report was written by Morgan Goldie of North Water. Great write-up - thanks Morgan! Also, thanks to Preston Ciere of for providing us with his photo taken at Canoecopia this year.