Micro Tow Line

Micro Tow Line
Micro Tow Line Micro Tow Line Micro Tow Line Micro Tow Line Micro Tow Line

A simple and effective tow system for a SUP paddler or beginning sea kayaker.

  • Small waist paddlers love the compact size.
  • Roll up style pouch is easy to re-stuff and close.
  • Quickly switch from preset short (17') to long tow (50').
  • Bag stays securely closed until needed with strong Velcro-style opening.
  • Easily set up for different towing scenarios involving two or three boats.
  • Yellow and Black floating rope is easy to see on the water.
  • Waist belt equipped with quick release cam buckle
  • Easily add more advanced features such as;
      • Built-in shock absorber,
      • Large stainless steel keyhole eye carabiner,
      • Quick release grab toggle.

$111.95 CAD 


  • 2 Small S.S Keyhole Carabiners
  • Quick Release Acetyl Cam Buckle
  • 6 mm Multi-Filament Polypropylene Rope

Micro Tow Line 50' 30SK-04

 Diameter (in.)
 Length (ft.)
 Bag Size (in.)
 Weight (g)
 1/4" PolyPro
 11 x 2 x 3

Rope Info


  • Multifilament Polypropylene Floating Rope
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Excellent for Swimmer Recovery
  • Moderate 6-8% Stretch
  • Rot & Mildew Resistant
  • Holds Knots Well