Sea Tec Tow Line

Sea Tec Tow Line
Sea Tec Tow Line Sea Tec Tow Line Sea Tec Tow Line Stainless Steel Large Carabiner

A sleek, compact waist mounted tow line. It unrolls to a large wide-mouth bag that is easy to re-stuff in rough water conditions. 

  • Built in collaboration with a number of Level 5 BCU instructors.
  • Adjustable and removable shock absorber
  • Floating ¼” H2Pro kermantle polypropylene rope is easy to see in low viz conditions.
  • Stainless steel eyed carabiner will not accidentally slip off the rope.
  • Exterior carabiner park for quick access when needed.
  • Floatation built into the bag keeps it afloat if detatched.
  • High visibility reflective strip.
  • Waist belt camp release buckle with easy to feel pull bead.

$197.95 CAD 


  • Large S.S Keyhole Carabiner
  • Shock Absorption
  • Quick Release Pull Bead

Sea Tec Tow Line 31SK-05

 Diameter (in.)
 Length (ft.)
 Bag Size (in.)
 Weight (g)
 1/4" H2prO
 12 x 3

Rope Info


  • Premium Firm Handed Kermantle Floating Rope
  • Pre-tensioned Polypropylene Core
  • Excellent for Swimmer Recovery
  • Tightly Woven Polpropylene Sheath
  • Inhibits Grit and Dirt Intrusion
  • Reduced Core Slippage
  • Rot & Mildew Risistant
  • Holds Knots Well
  • Makes Rope Work Fast Easy and Reliable


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