While at Canoecopia in Madison this past Spring, we met a guide by the name of Dirk, from Polar Explorers and The Northwest Passage (kayaking, etc.). After some great conversation, Dirk purchased adeck bag to be used for an upcoming pulk (sled) trip to the North Pole in April. The plan, the experienced polar guide told us, was to keep his down parka in the deck bag for access during breaks from skiing, as well as a screwdriver and pliers to fix bindings when they broke (not uncommon at those cold temperatures from what we were told).
April 14, 2011 at the Geographic North Pole, 90° North
Just recently, Dirk sent us an email to tell us how it went with the deck bag from North Water in the true north: "It worked great" Dirk told us in his email, "and allowed me to keep my pulk closed up most of the time.". He also sent us a picture saying, "This shot is taken on April 14, 2011 at the Geographic North Pole, 90° North.". We have included that picture above. Sometimes we cannot help but be in awe of some of the great and serious adventures that people take their North Water gear on. Do you have any pictures to share with us of your great adventure using North Water equipment? Email us or post them to our page on Facebook or Google+. We love to see where your gear takes you!

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