Screen shot from the YouTube video titled "Arctic Wolf vs PakCanoe
On any paddling trip, one needs to be able to rely on the strength of the gear – this is why North Water builds a resilient lashing system.  Recently one of our deck systems had an encounter with a hungry wolf. While our outfitting is not intended for protection from Arctic Wolves, we know NW is built for the rigors of almost anything. And as you can see, it certainly held up to the teeth of this wolf much better then the canoe did!
Screen shot from the YouTube video "Arctic Wolf vs PakCanoe The canoe deck and the lashing system proved to be much more resilient than the actual canoe itself.  
You can watch the video below but viewer discretion is advised. The wolf gets bashed with a paddle by the canoeist (in self defence) several times and some viewers may find it upsetting to watch.
We are glad that Mark (the canoeist in the video) wasn't harmed during this encounter and we hope the wolf came away with just a few bruises and found the food he was (probably) looking for!

  • This is an awesome read. Thanks for sharing this to us!

    Geline on

  • Good paddles, good boats, and the BEST spraydecks! …And one bad wolf… and NO – we did NOT feed it. We did set up our tents closer together that night though! The whole Trip Report (Kuujjua, Victoria Island, NWT, Canada 2012) can be found at Our favourite spray deck is our custom Northwater & it’s the one we always recommend first when other paddlers ask us – it is solidly built with excellent design features.

    Lynette Chubb on

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