Check out this recent email we received from Leigh Purvis about his custom North Water canoe deck complete with "Kids Cockpit Hatches":

This two little ones feel right at "home" in their hatches.


"Wow guys I can't thank you enough for the great work on both the deck and the boat. The boat is fast, stable and definitely able to haul our kids and gear on extended trips. The deck is awesome. I can't believe I have canoed all these years without one!The kids love their cockpits or "homes" as they call them. The skirts cover them nicely to keep them warm, dry and more importantly "happy". The cockpits and hatches were placed perfectly. Thanks again and here are a few pics from an 8 day spring trip around Kamloops lake last week in preparation for our month long trip in July"


Kamloops Lake practice.
On the shores of Kamloops Lake.

Who knew?! One of the many secrets to a happy adventurer family; the hatches help to keep boundaries for little ones on trip. An unexpected benefit of a canoe spray deck when you have a family! We'll be checking back with the Purvis family in August after their planned one-month long canoe trip in July. We are definitely wishing them all the best for a happy and safe expedition.

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