Because of your support, we were able to play Santa - scroll to the bottom of this post to see how!
To our North Water Friends and Colleagues, All of us at North Water would like to extend a warm and heart-felt thank you for your continued support. As we wind down our 26th year and get ready to spend some much deserved time with our family and friends we want you and the rest of your team to know that we really enjoy being able to bring to the world the products and the service we do. We believe we are doing the world a good turn with what we do and how we do it. It is with your support we are able to do this and for that we are very thankful. Please pass on your family - and to each and every one of your team -our best wishes for a happy holiday season and healthy New Year. We hope you have had a great 2011 and we look forward to working together to make 2012 even better.
Special note: Because of your support, we are able to provide the Christmas present of drilling another well for those who have no access to clean water. We have witnessed firsthand the profound impact this has had in directly saving lives and that is something we can all be proud of. For more information about this initiative click here: North Water - Giving Back. And... thank you! Warmest wishes, North Water