There have been some big additions to the North Water shop recently. They're the strong silent type, and we love the work that they do. They include 2 x 40 amp Radio Frequency (RF) Welders and a 25 ton Italian built Beam Press.

The RF Welder uses radio waves to form a durable waterproof bond between two layers of polyurethane fabric without any stitch holes. Our first product to roll out from the RF Welders is our Rapid Survival System. Keep a look out as there will be plenty more new products rolling out in the near future. Since these machines arrived in house, our brains have been going full blast coming up with new and exciting product ideas!

The Italian built 25 ton Beam Press is a piece of machinery that we've actually been using for a long time off-site, but bringing it into the shop will enable us to take full advantage of it. This STRONGMAN of a piece of equipment enables us to die cut to create identical product pieces which increases quality and efficiency, thus getting a better product into your hands.