Two Canoe Spray Decks, with a combined 268 days of serious use on the water and about 10,794 km travelled. Frank Wolf is a Canadian filmmaker, adventurer, writer, and environmentalist and he has certainly put our Spray Decks through their paces much more than most of us who don't "work" out of our canoes for a living.

There's a reason that it's called the Great White North, the snow falls early and it tends to stick around longer than is convenient. Canoe Spray Decks help to extend your season by keeping you warmer and drier out on the water. Even when it's a balmy August afternoon, the windswept geography can force you to shore and keep you land locked frequently and for longer periods than anyone would like.  A Spray Deck sheds the wind and the waves making your canoe a seafaring champ - giving you more control over the elements.

Frank Wolf Spray Deck
Photo Credit: Frank Wolf

17 Foot Deck

  • 2014 Sweetwater Soul: 6 days, 1350 km journey by canoe from Pine Dock, MB to Fort Severn, ON with Rob Hart.

  • 2012 Kitturiaq: 21 days, 620 km first-ever journey by canoe over the Labrador Plateau from Nain, NL to Kangiqsualujjuaq, QC with Todd McGowan.

  • 2011 Boreal Heart: 25 days, 1120 km journey by canoe through Ontario's Little North from Pakashkan Lake to Peawanuck, ON with Todd McGowan.

  • 2009 Mammalian: 46 days, 2004 km journey by canoe through North America's largest wilderness from Yellowknife to the Rankin Inlet with Taku Hokoyama.

  • 2004 Across Asgaard: 26 days, 800 km journey by canoe across Scandinavia from Bogden, Norway to Oulu, Finland with Todd Macfie.

16 Foot Deck

  • 2015 Wild Ones Music Tour: 24 days, 750 km concert tour by canoe from Parry Sound to Ottawa with musician Peirson Ross.

  • 2008 Bay or Bust: 25 days, 1050 km journey by canoe from Opeongo Lake to Moosonee, ON with Alex Raymont.

  • 2007 Borealis: 75 days, 3100 km journey by canoe from Winnipeg to Parry Sound looking into the issues affecting the world's largest carbon bank- the Boreal Forest of Ontario and Manitoba with Taku Hokoyama.

Then and Now

This past summer, we switched out one of Frank's decks for a shiny new one, and we couldn't resist taking some comparison shots while we had the chance. The design changes over the years have been subtle yet significant.

Side by side Spray Decks

Paddle Holder

Paddle Holder

The paddle pockets are now only anchored on two sides to accommodate various paddles lengths. The velcro closures are also larger to allow acceptance of a every shaft diameter we have come across.

Roll-Away Cockpit Tabs

Roll-Away Cockpit Tabs

Our handy Roll-Away Cockpit Tabs are now standard on all our decks! They keep the cockpit material secured to the top surface of the deck for the fair weather days.

Hatch Zippers

Hatch Zippers

We have upgraded our hatch zippers to #10 coil zippers rather than the smaller #5 zippers. These self-repairing zippers are incredibly beefy and won't let you down on an extended voyage.

Painter Tie Down

Painter Tie Down

The painter tie downs are now larger than ever.  They now include an internal daisy chair anchor and high visibility yellow loop at the tear-away end for fast and easy release of your painter - when you really need it.