Rapid Survival System

The Rapid Survival System is the most important advancement for Professional Rescue in many years.

Developed with a group of SAR professionals, the RSS is designed to provide rapid and significant additional floatation and assistance for rescuers in potentially threatening situations.

Full RSS Package

The RSS is a waist worn pouch on a Quick Release Belt. The pouch contains a self-inflating Rescue Float in the shape of a tapered horseshoe. When activated the Rescue Float quickly inflates providing the user with approximately 150 lbs. of additional floatation. The added buoyancy helps the user lift their upper body well out of the water, allowing them to relax and maintain control in extreme water conditions. The Rescue Float is tethered to a D-Ring on a PFD's Quick Release Chest Harness.

You can see what the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association has to say about it in their blog piece: Rapid Survival System Project

For more information and videos, click here to check out the product page.

  • Body recirculation is a serious concern but is very likely with more floatation. This brings up some concern since utilizing this could have the opposite effect in a powerful hole or low head dam. In those situations going deep may be your only chance of flushing which isn’t possible if your concern is staying at the surface.

    Chuck on

  • RSS is very impressive, that is a hefty price tag… What is the cost for a replacement float?


    Seth Block on

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