Ever wonder what the story is behind the development of some of our products like the North Water K9 Floater PFD? Last winter we worked with the Police Department K9 Units to design, test, and build a PFD for police dogs. Designed to be used with or without ballistic protection, the North Water K9 Floater PFD also works with conventional harness systems to eliminate off leash time. The closed cell foam provides neutral buoyancy and protects against abrasion and blunt trauma.

The shell is built using Military Spec. fabric. This keeps it light weight and eliminates stretch, shrinkage, mildew, UV, and chemical damage. It is this kind of attention to specific detail and exceptional quality that put our rescue and paddling equipment above the rest. Reports from the Field: Working with the dogs this past winter was a truly rewarding project for us here at North Water. We have had great success with this product. Handlers tell us it allows another level of safety for their partner so they can both focus better on the mission. We are thankful to the extraordinary officers and animals of the K9 Unit for the incredible experience and are honoured to have worked with them creating high quality safety equipment to meet their exceptional standards.

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