With the popularity of Stand-up Paddle Boards growing we had many requests to build a leash so paddlers and boards do not get separated. Using our proven Outrigger Coil Leash, we extended it to 12’. With Stainless steel swivels on each end and an additional security buckle, it is designed to attach to the lower leg.

STAND-UP PADDLE BOARD LEASH - OT-10 Resting length: 3.5’ Extended length: 12’

Recently, we sent one of our North Water SUP leashes out to Charlotte Sit for a review. Charlotte is a paddle sports expert at the Vancouver Co-op store who has taken a real liking to Stand Up paddle boarding.


"Thanks for letting me try out the North Water SUP leash. I've taken it for a couple of paddles, once on the Lower Seymour and another time on the Lower Cheakamus, and I'm definitely liking it more than my current FCS leash. I find the tighter coils give the North Water leash an advantage over other ones I've used in that it ends up being much more compact and gets in the way a lot less when I'm paddling as well as when I end up going for a swim. Other leashes I find I get my ankles tangled up while trying to crawl back on to the board in moving water. So having the tighter coils and swivels on either end eliminate that problem which is awesome!"
Charlotte Sit