photo credit: Kevin Callan

Some of the greatest discoveries have come by chance or accident, and apparently -  as it was in the case of our friend Kevin Callan (a.k.a. The Happy Camper) - just pure laziness. Thankfully Kevin's lazy bit of wisdom led to a bit of fortune when he discovered that when he left his North Water spray deck on his canoe during transport it led to fuel savings.

"It all had to do with shear laziness.  I only had an hour to drive home after a weekend canoe trip, so I decided to keep my new canoe deck on the canoe while loading it on top of my vehicle. On the drive home I noticed less resistance from the canoe (the wind was brutal that day). After five more trial runs I came up with the conclusion that having the deck still on the boat while transporting it gave me 12-15% savings in my fuel expenses. That's just cool. Keeping the deck on is now common place and I get to save some cash." Kevin Callan, The Happy Camper (via email)

What a delightful discovery to have made. With Kevin reporting that having the North Water spray deck in use while on the road (and not just the river!) actually reduced the amount of fuel consumed - no wonder they call this guy the Happy Camper! Kevin's deck was custom made to fit his ever growing family, including his dog.

photo credit: Kevin Callan

Thanks for the tip Kevin! If you think reducing your fuel consumption will make you pretty happy too, contact us at North Water or visit our website for deck options and design ideas.

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