Big 4-Bailer

NEW - Big 4-Bailer (10TB-97)

Throw Bag, 2 L (2 qt) Bailing Bucket, and pealess Whistle in one great package. 50’ of 3/8” easy to handle, floating rope. This is a super-sized version of our popular 4-Bailer. It meets Coast Guard regulations for human-powered boats under 19'-8" or 6m. Easily clips to boat for secure and quick access.

Big 4-Bailer uses
Quick Haul Barrel Comparison

UPGRADED – Quick Haul Harness (40CO-80)

Quick Haul with Pelican CaseNow carries 30 L, 60 L barrels and play boats very comfortably. Still light weight, strong and easy to use. We’ve spent years finding the balance of strength and weight, form and function. Paddlers demand quality, reliability and efficiency and this delivers.

Quick Haul Extenders with Creek Boat

NEW – Quick Haul Extenders (40CO-80a)

Extension straps for your Quick Haul Harness so you can comfortably carry your creek boat, large rugged plastic cases and other odd shaped objects you may need to haul around. Each strap adds 50” to the circumference (sold as pairs).

Paddle Anchor

UPGRADED – Paddle Anchor (40CO-20d)

Flexible, fast and reliable access to a spare paddle or fishing rod. Paddle Anchor with fishing rodA quick pull of the release webbing has your paddle, rod or net ready for action. The base will anchor around anything up to 11” inches.

Paddle Scabbards opening

UPGRADED – Paddle Scabbards (30SK-56)

Easily access your bow storage hatch by separating one side from the other while remaining secured to your kayak deck lines. Sized right to accommodate any paddle shaft, boat or paddler. Reflective trim adds visibility to your boat in low light conditions.

U-Link Contact Tow

UPGRADED – U-Link Contact Tow (30SK-32)

New neoprene wrap keeps this versatile paddler’s multi-tool organized and at the ready. Great for kayaking, canoeing and camping use. U-Link Contact Tow ClosedIt is quick to deploy, adjustable and is used as a re-entry aid; contact tow; bridle tow yoke; hauling handle for one or more drybags; mooring to a dock; attaching two boats in parallel; rafting together multiple boats; leashing paddles during rescue and so much more.

Paddle Tether

UPGRADED – Paddle Tether (30SK-97)

Paddle Tether with fishing rodNow even longer, its 50” makes this tether even more useful. This is an efficient, way to free up both hands while focusing on changing that hook, eating lunch or getting that perfect photo.


North Water Colour Table
4-Bailer colours Peaked Deck Bag Blue Dynamic Tow Line Blue and Yellow Micro Tow Line Yellow and Blue