Together to the Tundra Crew

There is a lot more to the tundra than bugs, but few visit this northern wilderness. In fact, the tundra is Canada’s least populated biome and largely unknown to those who live in the south. Could there be a better wilderness adventure destination?

During the summer of 2015, a multi-generational group braved the notorious bugs of the North on a thousand kilometre paddling circuit from Yellowknife, NWT. Their goal was to paddle to the tundra and back. The group included the Clark family (Ava Fei - age 6, Koby - age 8, Alice and Dan) and their friends Bruce Bembridge and Marilyn Toulouse. In eight weeks of self-propelled travel, they discovered an exotic realm more isolated, varied and memorable than previously imagined.

Bruce sums up the adventure, “This was the toughest and longest trip we have ever done. It still feels unbelievable, but we lived our dream and experienced so much nature and history as an extended family.”

Their adventures are highlighted in the April 2016 issue of Canadian Geographic and the recently released film, “Together to the Tundra.” The film juxtaposes tough wilderness travel with the innocence of children at play. The film also draws connections back to the 1907 tundra expedition by Canadian author and founder of the Boy Scouts, Ernest Thompson Seton.

Find out what attracts some to the North by watching this 21 minute film at: https://vimeo.com/155524938.

“I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment,” says Marilyn.