Here at the North Water headquarters and factory, product testing Friday afternoon before the long weekend got a little witless. The good news is that we now know that our new 60 L Barrel Harness is rated to at least 165 lbs., and a flailing 165 lbs. to boot.

Developed and tested with our friends at Canoe North Aventures, this new barrel harness will handle anything that you throw at it... including people. It is a lighter, smaller, and simpler design that will get your gear where you need it without a million bells, whistles, and straps.


In a pinch, it will also work as an adult baby carrier, so you can haul your paddling partner down the portage trail.

These guys (the harnesses) will be available starting this fall, so keep an eye out at your local North Water Dealer. No assembly required, adults not included.


  • Hamid Lakehal (and I am in hopes the site admin will forward this reply on to his email),

    Carrying a person the way these images show would not be practical for any distance. Carrying a person who weighs any significant fraction of your own weight doesn’t really worh either.

    I created a larger-than-normal fabric carrier a while back, first as a joke, but have since made two more for the special needs market. I have carried my 103-pound friend in it, and have also been carried in it myself (I weigh 125, and that video can be seen at ). It has not been tested above that.

    If you are interested, respond to this craigslist ad:

    I will continue to renew the ad until I get sick of sewing.

    Mike on

  • Hello.
    I have decided to carry my Dad while I am going to perform my Pilgramage I was checking allover the website about something similar like you have in the picture above to help me out to carry an adult on my back,,,would you please let me know how to get this product ( adult carying in his backpack another adult)
    thank you

    Hamid Lakehal on

  • It’s all fun and games until someone falls out of the baby carrier! Glad to see you guys are having some fun. Any chance these will be available before Thanksgiving? We’ve got a Fraser River trip around that time. Thanks for continuing to make the best gear ever. We just did a 9 day sea kayaking trip in the Nuchatlitz off the Northern West Coast of Vancouver Island and North Water was well represented :)

    Nikki on

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